The IPhone 8 Front And Back Cameras Have The AR Function,amazing!

- Jul 19, 2017-

In addition to implementing face scans, the iPhone 8's front-facing 3D lens has other USES as well, which is an important feature that apple is forcing you to upgrade.


Patent details see released from apple, the iPhone in 8 will monopolize FaceTime AR function, the hardware support, this is called Light field, the capture function, can fully with the front and rear camera and sensor, let the user when FaceTime enough to watch each other through eye position adjustment of the surrounding environment.

To put it simply, enjoy a full range of video experiences and enjoy immersive augmented reality.

In addition, the patent by means of the front side of the fuselage 3 d depth sensor, thus providing augmented reality experience for FaceTime, which once again confirm the rumours before, that is the front and rear cameras will support the iPhone 8 AR function.

This year's cameras are a big hit, and apple is likely to end up hacking away at fingerprint recognition, radical enough to keep the 3D face recognition, and see you in a new machine.

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