The Most Comprehensive Information About IPhone Batteries

- Jan 02, 2018-

Why lithium ion batteries?

Compared with conventional battery technology, lithium-ion batteries charge faster, use more durable, and have higher power densities that allow longer battery life and a lighter shape. If you understand how a battery works, they work better for you.

Fast charge is convenient, slow charge life.

Now all the big domestic phone manufacturers are promoting the quick charge function, "charge a few minutes, call a few hours" signs are everywhere.

But you may not know that the Apple li-ion battery has already adopted a quick charge, quickly reaching 80% of the power, and then switching to a slower trickle charge. Depending on the setup and the charging device, the amount of time used to fill the initial 80% will vary. This combination process not only allows you to get on the device faster, but also extends the battery life.

Please feel free to charge at any time

You can charge the Apple li-ion battery at any time. Before charging, you don't need to discharge 100%. The Apple lithium-ion battery works in a charge cycle. If you use (discharge) electricity at 100% of the battery capacity, you complete a charging cycle, but not necessarily through one charge. For example, you might use 75% of your electricity a day and then charge the device at night. If you use 25 percent of the battery the next day, the total charge will be 100 percent, and you'll have a charge cycle in two days. It could take a few days to complete a charging cycle. After a certain amount of charging, the battery capacity of any type will decrease. The capacity of lithium-ion batteries will be reduced slightly as each charge cycle is completed. After completing many charging cycles, the Apple li-ion battery can maintain at least 80 percent of its original battery capacity, depending on the product.

How to check battery capacity?

It can be viewed through third-party tools such as iMazing (iOS), Coconut Battery (iOS & macOS) and AccuBattery (Android).

The correct way to use the battery

Update to the latest software

Always make sure your device runs the latest version of iOS. If you are using an older version of iOS, check that you need to update. You can go to "set" > "general" > "software update".

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