The New IPhone SE Comes With A Glass Back Case And Supports Wireless Charging

- Jan 09, 2018-

Apple will launch this year, second generation iPhone SE, and positioning the mid-market.

iPhone SE II and iPhone X, iPhone 8 series with a similar glass back shell design, the design is not only look good, mainly in order to support wireless charging.

iPhone SE二代渲染图(图片来自网络)

As a result of the new glass shell design, compared with the previous generation iPhone SE, the appearance has changed a lot, looks more like a scaled-down version of the iPhone X, coupled with the new wireless charging capabilities, I believe can attract many like small Screen mobile phone users. There is no exact information on whether to keep the headphone jack.

iPhone SE二代渲染图(图片来自网络)

In addition, through the online exposure of rumored configuration before the point of view, iPhone SE second generation equipped with A10 Fusion processor, with 2GB of memory, 32GB and 128GB fuselage storage capacity of two, the battery capacity of 1700mAh. Camera with rear 12 million + front 7 million pixel camera portfolio.

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