The New Iphone Supports Fast Charging, And Half An Hour Of Recharging Is Surprising.

- Sep 14, 2017-

Apple's new product this year, surprise surprises, iPhone X release can be described as pocketed the eye. iPhone has been criticized before the defects in this generation have a qualitative improvement. Among them, fast charging and wireless charging technology to join, leaving iPhone X even more powerful.

新iPhone支持快充 半小时充电量让人吃惊

Although Cook did not mention fast charging technology at the press conference, but in the official website, Apple gives more details about the wireless charging function. The new iPhone's fast charge can charge 50% of the charge from 0 in 30 minutes. Although many domestic manufacturers of mobile phones in the fast charge technology more advantages, but Apple to let us see the iPhone changes, compared to last year's iPhone 7 (about an hour more) to be much faster.

It is important to note that the new iPhone's fast charging technology is required and you have to prepare a USB-C power adapter. Unfortunately, it is not the standard for the new iPhone, because the new iPhone's fast charge about 18W, and ordinary USB-A connector output power is only 10 watts, so you also need a USB-C to Lighgting line ( USB-C up to 100 watts).

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