The New MacBook Air Will Be Equipped With A Retina Screen: Meet You In June

- Mar 13, 2018-

The MacBook Air series has won many favors for its beautiful appearance, slim body and long life. However, compared with Apple's other notebook products, the MacBook Air is suspected of being left out. It is the only notebook that does not have a retina screen. The processor also stopped at the fifth generation Core Duo. There have been few major updates in recent years.

MacBook air1.jpg

Recently, according to DigiTimes, this year's WWDC conference, Apple will launch a new entry-level notebook products. Apple will order 2560*1600 resolution 13.3-inch screens from LG, and Foxconn will be responsible for this product.

Not surprisingly, this entry-level Apple notebook with a retina screen should be the new MacBook Air. As the most cost-effective product in the MacBook, it is likely to become the main force of Apple's notebook sales this year.

In addition, Apple only retains the Type-C interface and headphone jack on the new MacBook Pro. This practice may also be extended to the new MacBook Air. For many users, adapter accessories should be indispensable.

MacBook air12.jpg

It is not yet known about the specific configuration information of this notebook, but from past experience, it should be equipped with Intel's eighth-generation Core low-voltage processor, will not be equipped with a discrete graphics card, can meet the daily office needs, suitable for appearance, Users who have requirements on battery life.

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