The Overall Level Of Lithium Batteries In China And The Developed Countries Still Have A Distance

- Feb 18, 2017-

In addition to notebook computers and mobile phones and other traditional main applications, the electric hardware tools, other consumer electronics, light electric vehicles and electric vehicles and other new applications, lithium batteries have been injected into the high growth momentum, and will become the total output value of lithium batteries in 2016 Challenge $ 10 billion in the main promoter. The rise of the emerging applications, in addition to accelerating the expansion of lithium battery demand, but also help the lithium battery industry to jump off notebook computers, mobile phones and other consumer electronics products, a single industry cycle impact.

From the supply of different shapes of products, the cylindrical shape of 46%, 41% square, polymer-shaped (containing aluminum battery) is 13%. Cylindrical in the laptop battery with more than 4 or 6. New markets for power tools are being formed, and each machine is equipped with multiple batteries. Square batteries, mobile phones, especially for emerging market countries supply low-cost models played a catalytic role. Lithium-ion polymer battery to mobile phone as the center of the growing sales.

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