The Patent Of Folding Mobile Phone Samsung Exposure, This Is Too Cool.

- Jan 17, 2018-

Today, a lot of technology is not a dream for smartphones. What a comprehensive screen, a curved screen, a fingerprint identification under the screen, let us not help to sigh that the development of science and technology is really changing. With the development of OLED flexible screen technology, people are interested in folding mobile phones. To get both portability and large screens, folding the phone may be the best solution.


Samsung, a big screen maker, has a number of patents and technologies, and recently it has been exposed to a new Samsung's new folding screen phone patent, Galaxy X. From the patent documents, Galaxy X uses a 7.3 inch OLED screen. The middle of the phone can be folded seamlessly and has a hinge structure. The proportion of the screen expansion may be 21:9.


From the picture of the patent, Galaxy X uses a new design concept that extends the screen and folds up and easily fits into the pocket. Although the patent does not necessarily represent the production, but there is not any dynamic ideas of the development of science and technology? Those seemingly impossible ideas may come true one day?

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