The Performance Of Samsung Exynos 9810 Is Up To 40%

- Jan 30, 2018-

In the CES2018 International Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung Exynos 9810 won the award for "the best innovation award". Recently, the Samsung Exynos official micro-blog also introduced the top processor for us. Exynos 9810 built-in Samsung third generation of custom CPU, using second generation of 10nm FinFET manufacturing technology, Big.Little architecture design, there are 4 big core and 4 small core. In order to meet the era of artificial intelligence, Exynos 9810 also provides deep learning intelligent image processing technology, so that the better the use of mobile phones!

三星Exynos 9810

The large core of Exynos 9810 uses a third generation of custom CPU with a frequency of up to 2.9GHz, a small core frequency of 1.9GHz, a more powerful performance and less power consumption. Compared to Exynos 8895, Exynos 9810 has doubled mononuclear performance, improved multi core performance by 40%, GPU performance increased by 30%, and brought a more fluent game experience!

三星Exynos 9810

Is facial recognition inconvenient? Is fingerprint identification too limited? Irises are not friendly to glasses? Don't worry! Exynos9810 is equipped with special processing unit for data protection. No matter which way you use it to unlock, there are special processing units to protect data, and choose the way to unlock it freely.

三星Exynos 9810

Exynos 9810 can record and play 4K UHD HD video at 120fps speed, and also support HEVC 10bit and VP9 decoding, which can render more than one billion colors. Not only can you shoot it, but you can also enjoy it. Exynos 9810 uses four antenna design, which can transmit 4 x 4MIMO faster and more stable, plus eLAA technology that can make full use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so that the stability and speed of data transmission is better.

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