The Unique Perspective Of This IOS And Why People Don't Like

- Feb 28, 2018-

Small partners who often pay attention to science and technology should know one thing, many media reports, during the Spring Festival, there is a major iOS 11 character BUG. As long as the iPhone send a Telugu (terrou Telugu, in eastern India Delaweila) symbol, it will cause iPhone crash, only after a reboot of the device to solve. It may be just a small episode, but since Apple pushed the official iOS 11 to all users in September last year, it's still a problem. What happened to this iOS? Then we use a unique perspective to reveal why iOS 11 is in such an awkward position.

Cook's power Apple has made a big change, and Cook's determination to remove Jobs's branding can be seen after the introduction of the 4 - inch screen from iPhone 5. IOS 7 also completely reversed the design language of Jobs era, transforming the traditional quasi materialized style into flat style. Of course, the two styles are hard to judge who is good or who is bad. But it's not good for the initial system experience.


It was in this generation that Apple added to the control center for the first time, perhaps under the pressure of Android, which was added to this generation of systems. For Chinese users, iOS 7 has also joined the "Nine Palace" input method. Although experience experience is really bad, apple can see that this year began to attach importance to Chinese users.

IOS 7 probably began to know the pressure that the new system has brought to the old model. Remember when I first give their iPhone 5 upgrade to iOS 7, the result is a word "card", iOS 6 era silky quietly disappeared, the attendant is all dropped frames, switch APP off frame, horizontal screen frame dropping. Although it was also known that iOS 7 used a lot of frosted glass results in the increase of computing capacity, apple began to optimize the old models.

IOS 8/9/10 intends to say this together, because every generation of systems is like toothpaste like updates, and the biggest impression of every generation system is the updated default wallpaper. We can poke the pain the G-spot is also one of the few functions, iOS 8 open input method APP iOS 9, iOS 10 changed the font, cancel the slide to unlock to press the Home key to unlock.

Throughout the development of iOS in the past ten years, although every generation system deserves to be tucking out, it is worth upgrading in general, and at least rushing to the new functions of every year. Until last year's iOS 11, however, it absolutely subverted our views on iOS.

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