The Vietnamese Company Tried Its Best To Crack IPhone X

- Dec 08, 2017-

If you remember the successful use of a mask to unlock iPhone X by Vietnam security company Bkav, you would not be surprised at the company's unlocking of iPhone X again. Today, Bkav fools Face ID again with a new mask.

IPhone X face ID

Bkav says they used a 3D printed mask made of stone powder at a cost of only $ 200. After making the mask, Bkav used a 2D IR scan model of his eyes to attach the mask to the mask, using this form to simulate reality Glasses.

From this test, the materials and tools used to make the mask are readily available to anyone, apparently indicating that the Face ID is not safe enough. However, it should be noted that this way of cheating Face ID may still be time-consuming to prepare for 3D printers, millions of materials, and detailed facial photographs that can be used to reconstruct faces.

However, it is understood that in this way to deceive the Face ID will also be "found", after trying 5 times, facial unlock will fail.

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