The Worst Way To Charge IPhone,unbelievable!

- Apr 05, 2017-

  1. If you always charge the battery when the battery totally power off,  it will undoubtedly reduce the battery life cycle.As much as possible to allow the battery to maintain more than 50% of the electricity, and electricity should be charged less than 50%.

  2. Lithium ion batteries are most afraid of heat.At the average temperature of 0 degrees, a lithium battery will lose the maximum capacity of the year, while the consumption of the temperature increases with the increase of 6%. If the average temperature is 25 degrees centigrade, the loss rate of the maximum capacitance will increase by more than 25%. The average temperature of 40 degrees, will add another 35%. Therefore, in the daily use of mobile phones should be kept away from the heat and keep away from direct sunshine.

  3. When used, the lithium-ion batteries will not be zero, but they may lose about 5-10% of the charge per month. When the electricity is really up to 0, it will show a state of instability, or even dangerous charging. Of course, the lithium ion has a natural "self destruct program", let the battery was completely drained for reimbursement. While the mechanism of great security, but do not return to zero is easy.

  4. Some mobile phones have a quick charge setting that allows you to fill in at least 50% hours of electricity in half an hour. But in fact, it is very harmful to lithium ion battery, it is in the low speed, constant speed of the state of charge is the longest, so the use of low voltage charger is the most sensible. 

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