There Are Two Big Security Holes In IOS 11: Thank You Tencent

- Oct 09, 2017-

Iphone has released iPhone 8 last month, this hot new iPhone is selling hot in the world. At the same time, the latest iOS 11 system has also pushed the official version. However, Tencent security WeChat public number recently issued an article, Apple once again publicly acknowledged, Tencent security basaltic laboratory to reproduce the loophole "harvest" skills. Behind this message is that iOS system has two important security vulnerabilities!

iOS 11惊现两大安全漏洞 苹果:感谢腾讯

The article said that Apple iOS 11 system compared to iOS 10 ushered in a number of major updates, and can support all the models since the iPhone 5s. In the system upgrade at the same time, Apple in the official website simultaneously released iOS 11 and Safari 11 security update, which special emphasis on Apple has been restored Tencent security basaltic laboratory submitted two major security vulnerabilities, and to express their gratitude.

iOS 11惊现两大安全漏洞 苹果:感谢腾讯

According to media reports, Tencent security laboratory found the vulnerability number CVE -2017-7085. In short, this vulnerability is a URL spoofing vulnerability, or address bar spoofing. In simple terms, when the user visits a website, if hacked, will generate a consistent interface but the URL has been tampered with the page, the user enters the user name and password, the risk of being stolen. However, Apple has been through the relevant initiatives to solve the user interface inconsistent problem, fix the vulnerability.

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