This New IPhone Shape What Do You Think

- Jul 12, 2018-

The iPhone X, which was launched last year, was madly spoiled by the majority of fruit powder because of this bangs-style comprehensive screen design. It is also considered that Apple has the heart. In the design of the iPhone 9, the ugly Liu Haiping disappeared. We can see from the photos of the iPhone 9 that the iPhone 9 also uses a full-screen screen with a narrow black border design, which can be said to move further toward a true full-screen phone. The 16:9 ratio of the all-glass body, the appearance of the face value is a higher level. This progress is believed to make the fruit powder scream.

The use of the old saying "go to the dross, take its essence" is not an exaggeration in the design of the iPhone 9. The pop-up camera launched by vivo and OPPO has been recognized and loved by mobile phone users. Used on the iPhone 9, it is naturally a lot of color. Hide the camera and pop it up when needed. I don't know if the fruit powders are satisfied with this design.

All along, Apple's face value configuration can be said to be very monotonous. This time, in order to cater to the taste of fruit powder, it has increased the sales of Apple's mobile phones. The upcoming iPhone 9 will have a richer color scheme, in addition to the traditional two classics of gray and white, with Chinese red and blue. You can't pick your eyes!


However, whether it is the cancellation of Liu Haiping or the design of this pop-up camera, the ultimate goal is to increase the screen ratio.

It is reported that the iPhone9 starts at about 8,000 yuan, which is similar to the initial price of the iPhone 8. More rich color and pop-up camera, as well as fast charge, dual card dual standby technology, do you like it?

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