Three New IPhone Models Get Started Video Exposure: Size, Details Have Changed

- Jun 21, 2018-

The first to get started is the second-generation iPhone X with a 5.8-inch screen. The size of the aircraft is 143.65mm x 72.03mm x 7.69mm, which is 1.1mm wider than the previous generation. Macotakara believes that the width of the fuselage has not changed, mainly Because the phone keys are thickened, because they easily put the protective cover of the iPhone X onto the new machine.

iphone 2018 3d mock up.jpg

Earlier news that the largest iPhone X Plus uses a 6.5-inch screen, but the model screen is 6.4 inches, the aircraft size is 157.53mm × 77.44mm × 7.85mm, and iPhone 8 Plus is almost the same size, short length of about 1mm The narrow width of about 0.7mm, the new machine uses a 19.5:9 ratio screen. It uses the same rear-mounted dual camera as the new 5.8-inch iPhone. It also has a built-in TrueDepth sensor that supports 3D face recognition.

iphone 2018 3d mock up2.jpg

iphone 2018 3d mock up3.jpg

The new iPhone's screen size is not 6.1 inches, but 6.0 inches, but it does use an LCD screen. The body size is 150.91mm x 75.72mm x 8.47mm, which is the thickest of the three new models. This is because of the LCD screen. In addition, the rear camera of the aircraft has only one camera, and the SIM card slot is at the bottom right of the frame in the body.

iphone 2018 3d mock up4.jpg

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