Time Technology And Eyesight Behind Huawei P20 Craftsman Gift Box

- May 17, 2018-

On the 5.15th Huawei Huawei Tmall Super Brand Day, Huawei did not follow the usual rules and brought two highlights: the HUAWEI P20 Aurora Color Box with the first craftmanship box was on the street. Obviously, Huawei is jumping out of the homogenization barrier for mobile phones and mobile phones, combining technology and art to lead the differentiated labeling of the mobile phone industry.

At the same time, the integration of Huawei's P20 series of technology and art is also instructive to the entire industry. That is, under the premise of scientific and technological innovation, to give differentiated labels to mobile phones, whether it is personality or aesthetics, or the inheritance of classic art, let the mobile phone have a design language, so all kinds of innovation are different.

This difference is precisely the way to break the ice in the mobile phone market during the winter period.

Time Skills From Artisan Inheritance to Artistic Placement

"Out of position" is an innovation of positioning, and it is a way to occupy the user's mental space. Compared with the industry’s general focus on the positioning of mobile phone hardware, the Huawei P20 series can be said to be “out of place”.

Huawei integrates P20's technological innovations (Leica's photo-taking capabilities) with classic art, using artistic temperament-enabled mobile phones to give temperature to cold mobile phone hardware, allowing P20 users to have spiritual satisfaction and pride beyond the hardware level. .

We cannot but mention the "Gift Box". As Huawei's admiration and inheritance of classic culture, Huawei's P20 series brings rich artistic ingenuity to the four classic skills (spiral lacquerware, Liling underglaze colored porcelain, Lee clay pottery, and glass firing techniques).


As an example, the Luoxu lacquerware that was founded in the Northern Song Dynasty is based on black lacquer. The colorful spiral sheet is text. After tens of millions of times of polishing, inlaying, carving and tapping, especially thick-shelled hull husks are repeatedly polished. Full-color luster, refracting colorful glow like a bright, noble and elegant. The thin snails have to be split into thin wings, which are complicated and beautiful. Several tens of thousands of spirals are to be connected before and after, and no seams can be seen. The landscape figures gradually show itself as natural. In the hands of a seemingly small piece of art, a craftsman sometimes has to do two or three years to finish.

At the same time, Huawei also launched the Lan Yusu Embroidery Jewellery Box. The gift box was created by Lan Yu, the “Gao Ding Wedding Queen”. Lan Yu had designed and produced wedding dresses for Luo Haiqiong, Hu Ke, Dong Xuan, Xie Na, and Li Xiaoyi. Create a red carpet dress for a number of stars, the design of the pieces are all elegant. Since childhood, she lived in Jiangnan and used the exquisite embroidery technology in her design of the Lanyu Gift Box. She chose the Chinese traditional “blessing” auspicious patterns to bring elegance and beauty to the East.

Huawei’s “Craftsman Gift Box” and Lan Yusu Embroidery Jewelry Box show us how the mobile phone technology category can react with art chemistry. While letting the public see it wide open, it also gives us a kind of thinking. That is: How to do this ingenuity in the design innovation of mobile phones. Here, understand the notes and sell them first and leave them to the second part.

Aurora color 15 months break the machine side of the "accidental not love"

The development of mobile phones to today has experienced three eras of functional machines, smart machines, and AI smart phones. However, there has been a problem that has not been able to break through, and that is the design side. Whether it is a candy bar with a straight plate, a clamshell phone, or a touch screen many years ago, the appearance process design is basically subordinate to hardware manufacturing thinking, lacking humanistic connotation and artistic temperament. This makes consumers, especially rising young consumers, fall into the embarrassing situation of “feeling not love” in the aesthetics of mobile phones.

In this respect, head manufacturers, represented by Huawei, emphasize both R&D and design innovation, and are constantly improving the performance of mobile phones while concentrating on improving the aesthetic and cultural connotations of thousands of machines.


Taking Huawei's P20 Aurora color as its first example, Huawei took full advantage of the savvy of glass to create this unprecedented mysterious color scheme, bringing a unique sense of beauty.

The P20 aurora color is still a “story” color, and Huawei’s design team has found thousands of creative inspirations to achieve a magnificent effect. For example, they collected a large number of natural phenomena related to light, from natural light, aurora to dawn, and even the colors of the atmosphere in the morning sun, gradient reflections, light-based inspiration, spent six months to study Executability.

In the process of concrete inspiration, we encountered new problems. Because glass itself is a material that is difficult to polish, considering the final yield rate, how can we achieve the high-end beauty of Aurora and at the same time achieve the desired yield? To this end, the Huawei team has tried hundreds of processes. Through hundreds of furnace tests, nano-scale progressive plating processes have been achieved and mass production has been achieved. This process took nine months.

One of the data to understand the note is that the P20 aurora color version from the idea to the finished product lasted for 15 months. After nearly 500 days of polishing and sculpting, the P20 series of aurora colors was fully utilized by Huawei. It is a perfect representation of the truest colors of light. It can be said that it is time and skill to enlarge the strokes, allowing the user to be an eye-opener.

It can be said that the P20 series aurora color can be synonymous with the aesthetics of mobile phones, while giving users the ultimate visual experience, but also to the industry's active inspiration, after the Aurora P20 series, understand the notes are also looking forward to see more New breakthroughs from manufacturers.

The "unclearness" behind the beauty of technology and art

For example, Zhu Ping, president of Huawei's consumer business in Greater China, said at the P20 series conference in China that Huawei's P series is positioned as a "fusion of technology and art." The Huawei P20 series is a perfect interpretation of this concept. It is precisely because of this that we have seen a conference without the necessary host of traditional conferences but Wang Chaoge, a well-known artist.

From this press conference without a host to the release of the Huawei Sky Cat Gift Box and Huawei's P20 Aurora Color, we can truly see the integration of Huawei's P Series technology and art. This kind of integration highlights the aura color matching of "beauty in the outside world" and the corresponding classic artistic temperament released by the "Gift Box". On the other hand, the focus is on the ultimate artistic level of imaging capability of Huawei's P20 series of powerful camera capabilities, namely, "Beauty in the Interior" achieved through Leica's three camera + AI smart camera. Through the integration of technology and art, it brings users an unprecedented artistic experience. It is a “g-point” that gets users and is a rare attraction that stimulates users to change machines.


On the other hand, as the global mobile phone market TOP 3 brand, Huawei's P20 series highlights Huawei's determination and belief in making a difference in its brand. It is Huawei's accurate insight into the potential needs of the current high-end market, especially young users. Behind the Aurora Colors and Craftsman gift boxes are also products of Huawei brand from hardware thinking to user thinking and artistic thinking.

From the perspective of the industry, the market structure is expected to change in the next year or two, and who can be in the front position, mainly to see who really made efforts in the innovation of technology, product and other dimensions. As users become more rational when they change machines, the past cost-effective sorter model is no longer suitable for today's market. It is the fusion of technology and art that truly impresses users. From this point of view, Huawei is able to identify the focus, and it is a step ahead of its competitors.


"Time skills, vision wide open."

Huawei P20 series mobile phones and snail lacquer ware, Liling underglazed colorful porcelain, Lee clay pottery, glass firing skills of these classic art, can be said to have been experienced for a long time quenching, carving, grinding, and molded artwork, It is even a fine art. Regardless of the 1700-year history of Liling Ceramics under the glaze, or 15 months of Huawei's P20 aurora, which is a long-running R&D design cycle in the mobile phone industry, the artistic crystallization of these condensed time memories has opened our eyes to the world. At the same time, it actually enabled Huawei to open a figure in the competition with Apple and Samsung. Huawei's journey of technology and art exploration allows us to see a big opportunity for Chinese brands to lead.

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