Twins Tested Face ID Safety,the Results Were Surprising !

- Nov 01, 2017-

Although iPhone X has not yet officially listed, but there have been some media to get a real machine. IPhone X this year, most of the black technology hidden in the "bangs", the original was deeply impressed by the camera, but also let iPhone X become the first to support facial unlock iPhone. Apple's official claim, iPhone X's Face ID security is very high, the error rate is about one million per cent. But what happens to twins?

双胞胎测试iPhone X的Face ID功能

Recently, foreign media have done such a test. They were looking for multiple sets of twins in which one person's facial information input, let another unlock operation. What never occurred to anyone was that iPhone X didn't recognize the difference between twins, and another person could still unlock iPhone after picking up his cell phone.

iPhone X成功解锁

Of course, there are also media after testing found that the twins did not muddle through, that is to say Face ID is safe in most cases, the twins only in very similar circumstances, will appear "rollover" phenomenon.

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