Vivo NEX Internal Secret! Where The Handset And Front Lens

- Jul 25, 2018-

In order to achieve a dreamlike full-screen effect, vivo puts the indispensable light and distance sensor at the bottom of the screen. From the disassemble picture, vivo places the infrared distance sensor on the top of the fuselage and the light sensor is on the bottom of the screen. In addition to the small size, after removing the screen, the screen of the area where the light sensor is located is hollowed out. However, the screen was not affected by the actual display.


In addition to the sensors, looking at the bare bangs, you can't help but ask: Where is the familiar earpiece? Vivo NEX directly canceled the handset and adopted a full-screen sound technology. This means that when you make a call, the entire screen of the phone is making a sound. The sound is not only clear and three-dimensional, but also has a certain degree of privacy.

vivo inside.jpg

After disassembling, it will also be found that there is a motor-like device in the traditional earpiece of the forehead of the mobile phone. Its function is to drive the screen vibration and simulate the corresponding sound, so that you don't need to open the hole on the screen, but also take into account the functions of the call, it really kills two birds.

vivo inside2.jpg

Limited by the volume, the space inside the phone can be described as a lot of money. In order to accommodate the lift lens module and the battery, the motherboard design of the fuselage is greatly challenged. From the disassemble diagram, the motherboard of the vivo NEX is quite special, and the whole looks like a "mountain" shape. Most of the electronic components are protected by a shield, and there are very few exposed parts. The overall components and placement are very compact and highly integrated. It is also such a design that, while ensuring functionality, also reserves the maximum space for the battery.

vivo inside3.jpg

The next big thing came, the front lens of the vivo NEX has a liftable design. The integrated lifting module is integrated in the upper left of the mobile phone, and the area is still small.


The lower part of the motor module is the motor and the upper part is the climbing device. The climbing device has a spiral-shaped rod, a slide rail and a push module. After the motor is started, by rotating the auger, the push module is controlled to move up and down the slide rail, thereby pushing the front camera to rise or fall. Such a small and precise mechanical structure is a test of the level of mobile phone engineering design.

Overall, as a flagship mobile phone with unique design and full black technology, vivo NEX is definitely top-notch in design and workmanship. “Zero Full Screen” not only means the innovation of vivo in the field of technology and design, but also reflects the ability of vivo to realize consumer demand and lead the industry. Such a mobile phone can also be called "the perfect combination of black technology and mechanical aesthetics."

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