Vivo X21i Will Be Released MediaTek P60 / Price Surprise!

- May 09, 2018-

Vivo X21 and OPPO R15 this blue-green CP battle staged in early 2018, two products in the design are quite similar, have adopted a super-wide screen, which is what we often say Liu Haiping, have a Dragon 660 version. The difference is that vivo X21 has a unique screen fingerprint version, more cool; OPPO R15 has a lower price of MediaTek P60 version, performance and Xiaolong 660 quite, but the price is cheaper.


Although the two products have their own advantages, the lower OPPO R15 makes vivo more vulnerable. Today, microblogging users @ tail prince exposed a new vivo machine, microblogging tail display as "vivo AI wisdom camera X21i", bloggers said that this phone is vivo X21 MediaTek P60 version, and X21 is almost the same Performance, but more cost-effective, as vivo X21i how much money, we must wait for the vivo official announced, it is likely to have a big surprise.



Compared with the names of the OPPO R15 and OPPO R15 Dream Edition, the vivo X21 and vivo X21i are more recognizable and less confusing. Design, vivo X21i and vivo X21 is likely to be in the same strain, back rounded appearance style, grip compared to angular OPPO R15 more comfortable.

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