Vote: 8 Official Name: The IPhone Which One Do You Like?

- Aug 15, 2017-

IPhone 7 S and 7 S Plus the iPhone will be the "S" of traditional publishing (singular), to keep the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus since 2014, the basic design of the internal hardware upgrade, faster processor, better camera imaging effect, and the new technology such as wireless charging.

The third iPhone will be the top model. Recently leaked HomePod intelligent speakers firmware, make it have more understanding about it: (almost) no border of the new design, make the standard iPhone fuselage size, can install a Plus size of OLED displays. In addition, it could eliminate the Touch ID Home button and replace it with face-recognition technology.

But the official name of the phone is unclear. Apparently, it is known as the "D22", code-named "Ferrari" (further evidence of its place in the product line, like the enviable but unaffordable Ferrari racing car).

So what's the name of this high-end iPhone? There is no exact information leaking out so the outside world can only guess. Here are some of the most likely names that have been circulated online over the past few months.

The iPhone 8

Most people have the default called high-end models of the iPhone "8" the iPhone, because Google trends is out in the first "new", it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy: as more and more publishers try to take advantage of "8" iPhone value of search engine optimization, more about 8 "iPhone" will appear in the user information.

Will apple really use this name? John Gruber, an apple research expert, said that if the low-end model iPhone was designed to surprise outsiders, three new iphones would share the "iPhone 8".

The iPhone Pro

The naming method will make the iPhone lineup look good for apple laptops and ipads, which will include apple products like the MacBook and MacBook Pro, the iPad and iPad Pro, and the iPhone and iPhone Pro. After all, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will continue to be sold if apple adopts the usual practice, but the price will be reduced by $100. The iPhone Se is still an entry-level iPhone.

But the "iPhone Pro" represents apple's first use of such nomenclature to name the iPhone, and "Pro" is in line with the general understanding of apple's product line. The only problem is that it sounds "not interesting enough" -- like a phone that only works on work-related tasks.

IPhone X (or iPhone 10)

Naming the iPhone after the iPhone is a bit messy at first, for example, the second iPhone is called the iPhone 3G, and the fifth iPhone is called the iPhone 4S. Apple has released at least two iphones a year since 2013, and according to wikipedia, there are at least 15 different models. But since 2017 is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone's release, it is a good opportunity for apple to revert to naming the iPhone digitally. Microsoft's operating system jumped from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

The problem with Roman numerals is that people will inevitably misread it as "iPhone love," just as OS X does.

IPhone Edition (iPhone anniversary Edition)

For the first time, the Apple Watch included a gold version starting at $10,000. The so-called Apple Watch Edition still exists, but has become a ceramic body, and the starting price has been reduced to $1,249. All signs point to high-end models starting at nearly $1,000, very close to luxury smartwatches. The iPhone Edition still faces problems that are not readable enough.

As with the iPhone X / 10 above, some people think apple may adopt a name like the iPhone anniversary edition. The problem, as many have already pointed out, is that apple rarely hits the CARDS. Apple wants consumers to think it has a better future, rather than nostalgia for its glorious past.

I'll just call it the iPhone

Apple may be back to basics. In 2015, apple did just that, removing the word "Air" from the latest and most attractive notebook, and simply calling it the "MacBook." Similarly, the iPad Air 2 has been replaced by the iPad.

There are two problems. "IPhone" is a basic model, even less than the "Plus" model. In addition, the iPhone has a serious search engine optimization problem, and the default search keyword will soon become "new iPhone", "iPhone 2017" or "OLED iPhone", which is incompatible with creating a good brand.

Apple Phone

Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) like to product name that starts with a "I" - the iMac, ripped, iTunes, the iPhone and the tablet, but, since Jobs unveiled Apple TV and the Tim Cook (Tim Cook) era, Apple products instead of naming rules "Apple [general product name]", such as Music, Apple Apple Pay and Apple Watch, Apple will use this naming rules to rename the iPhone?

I don't think it's a good idea to give up one of the most valuable brands of all time.

The water will soon come out

The iPhone Pro seems to be the most likely to win, but it doesn't feel quite right. It wouldn't be surprising if apple took an unexpected, understandable name for the new high-end iPhone, such as "HomePod", which is commonly referred to as the "Siri smart speaker" at the rumored stage.

The good news is that the official name for the new high-end iPhone will soon be revealed, and a few weeks later, cook will appear on the stage to launch the new iPhone. So who would you choose for these 6 names?

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