What Do You Need To Pay Attention To Using Alkaline Batteries?

- Feb 18, 2017-

Alkaline batteries Many people in our country are not familiar with it, but it begins to capture the market at an alarming rate. Its main advantage is the durability of electricity, usually seven times the ordinary battery, and other alkaline batteries (3) outside the initial recovery time is short, the most suitable for the camera flash. Output is stable, and does not leak, so some advanced electronic products such as BP machines, remote control, electronic cameras and other provisions must use alkaline batteries. There is also a little secret: alkaline batteries on the general note with donot recharge (not chargeable), which is for security reasons. But the alkaline battery itself has a certain degree of electrochemical reversibility, the power has not been exhausted, the small current conditions such as the charger slow charge for a certain number of charges, the original 555 card on the production of some alkaline rechargeable batteries, Can be charged dozens of times. But this method can not be used indiscriminately. In addition, the power "exhausted" alkaline batteries placed for some time and then can restore a certain amount of electricity, so intermittent use of alkaline batteries can have a longer working hours. Alkaline battery identification can be printed on whether printed with ALKALINE words or Chinese "alkaline battery" words.

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