What Is Next Year's New IPhone Called ?

- Sep 18, 2017-

As we all know, Apple's most product lines used in the naming of the way, almost all very simple, especially the Mac product line, directly named Mac Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, etc., completely abandon the concept of digital numbers, Simple single. However, the iPhone product line is different, and many people do not like, in their view Apple's number for the iPhone number is too casual.

For example, Apple's latest iPhone 8, is now the eleventh generation of iPhone products, including named iPhone X (iPhone 10) of the new products are also attributed to the eleventh generation of products. Although Apple may not be aware of this, but many times ago, many people do not agree with this naming, because the numbering of the number is now no longer have much significance, and even cause a lot of people's misunderstanding, they will think iPhone X is the tenth generation iPhone, but "X" only represents the 10th anniversary only.

The numerical naming law was finally broken

Ken Segall the name we may not be familiar with, he is Apple's former advertising leader, full-time marketing work, iMac was originally named him. However, he was very dissatisfied with the way the iPhone was named before, especially for the Apple iPhone "s" naming criticism, he thought it was a wrong idea. Ken Segall commented again at the beginning of this year, claiming that 2017 was a great opportunity for the iPhone to be renamed.

"Celebrating the 10-year milestone in the iPhone will be an excellent opportunity to reshape the iPhone," he said. "It's just that the iPhone's name will be more sustainable in the next few years."

Unfortunately, the apple is not as he wished. However, even so, this year Apple did disrupt the naming of the iPhone, at least in the number of naming the way, breaking the tradition. Expected iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus did not appear, and the emergence of iPhone X (10), it seems that the iPhone 9 will never appear again, the specific reasons we all know.

On the avoid "9" this figure, many people will think of Microsoft, we are familiar with the Windows operating system is directly from Windows 8 directly jump to Windows 10, and whether it is computer version, mobile version, Internet version and HoloLens version, All unified Windows 10. However, before Windows XP, Windows does also regularly use the year number as a name.

How will the next generation iPhone be named?

In fact, many people have always thought that in the past to name the number of changes in the iPhone, the appearance will always be redesigned, such as iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, no the same appearance, but the iPhone 7 this rule by Apple The. Because from the product point of view, this year's iPhone 8 is Apple's fourth round of the iPhone 6 overall industrial design, this year only the metal back shell replaced by glass, the purpose is to join the wireless charging technology.

So, in this year suddenly jumped iPhone 9 to release iPhone X, and the number of naming or laws completely disrupted circumstances, next year Apple will re-design the iPhone named iPhone 8s and iPhone 8s Pplus also did not make any sense. Because "s" is no longer the continuation of the same design language, unless Apple decided to release the "iPhone 6" appearance for the fifth time.

The question now is, 2018 Apple will be how to name the twelfth iPhone products? If the way this year, then it may be iPhone 9, iPhone 9 Plus and iPhone 11, but this does not look very strange? Because in 2019 and then continue to follow the same way, iPhone 10 appeared again. So, iPhone 9 may never appear.

Some people think that the 2018 Apple brought, there may be iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Plus, which is based on rumors come to the conclusion. Because it has been rumors that next year Apple only retains two iPhone models, and unified use of OLED screen, with the iPhone X the same full-screen design, including a 5.8-inch, the other is 6.4 inches. However, OLED production capacity to keep up with it? iPhone X also have to wait until November before delivery, its life is only about 9 months?

In any case, from the marketing point of view, iPhone is now a naming way is really a mess, I hope Apple to give up the number or "S" named way. After all, on the current point of view, the final name is simply the best iPhone is the most desirable, the most suitable for the continuation of the program, the average consumer will automatically distinguish between years.

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