Why Dont Old Users Buy IPhone X? Not Only Because Of Poverty

- Mar 08, 2018-

About 1,500 people participated in the survey. All of them were users who did not purchase iPhone X. The survey results showed that the reason why these users did not purchase the iPhone X was mainly because the iPhone in their hands was still "well-run". Nearly 44% of the users chose this option.

iPhone X.jpg

Another reason to prevent users from upgrading is that the new iPhone is "too expensive." 31% of respondents said the price of the new iPhone is a major factor hindering their upgrade. This is not surprising, in the domestic 64GB iPhone X has sold 8388 yuan.

In addition to the above two reasons, there are some users who have given an interesting answer - they are waiting for the iPhone X with a larger screen, which accounts for about 8%. The remaining 17% of respondents checked the "other" option.

Piper Jaffary pointed out that Apple will launch new iPhones later this year. These new iPhones will solve the problem that 39% of users will not buy new iPhones. It is understood that this year's new iPhone not only has a 6.5-inch large-screen version, it will also provide a 6.1-inch LCD screen version, which is cheaper.

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