Why Mobile Phone Battery Explode?

- Apr 18, 2017-

We are now mostly using lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones,explosion of lithium ion batteries caused by the two common causes: overheating and mechanical damage.

Overheating is the mainly reason.This usually refers to external factors caused by thermal runaway, which is a part of the battery temperature, leading to other parts of temperature getting high, so that the battery heating become hot, form a vicious spiral, the battery electrolyte begins to swell and steam,too large internal pressure result in explosion.

Mechanical damage is another reason, simply because of the short circuit caused by extrusion.Lithium ion battery has the advantages of lightweight and durable,the shell and the diaphragm between the positive and negative is becoming thinner and thinner for fashion design purpose, which is a visible danger for battery safety. Once the diaphragm is damaged, it may cause a short circuit resulting in internal heat.

Then,how can we battery manufacturer take measures to avoid danger?

how can we make a move to keep your safe from mobile battery explosion?

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