You Need To Know :IPhone X Charger Purchase Skills

- Nov 02, 2017-

This year Apple conference released a total of three new mobile phone, including iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, the three mobile phone to change the fruit powder in after the end of the conference as cheerful as a lark, many users know the new iPhoneX mobile phone charger and is half duplex communication through CC signal line USB-C interface, as long as the iPhone X connection the data line, mobile phone charger will tell you their own, which can provide high output power. And also added wireless charging, full screen, facial recognition, and back to glass panels and other new functions.


IPhone X charging mode is currently divided into 2 kinds, the first is the traditional data line, that is, wired charging way, we can always use the data line to connect the phone for charging;

The second is the release of the black technology - iPhoneX wireless charger, when charging, as long as the phone placed in the iPhoneX charger can charge.

D8 iPhoneX charger shell adopts fireproof PC material, temperature resistance reaches 120 degrees, surface polishing process. This stylish appearance and good-looking iPhoneX charger, folding plug, double USB mouth design, convenient charging. 5 LED blue charging status indication, convenient charging state recognition.


D8 iPhoneX charger has 7 protection functions: over voltage / over current / over power / temperature / lightning / short circuit / electromagnetic field protection. 6 the level of energy efficiency standards, intelligent identification chip, the standby power consumption is less than 0.075W, more power. 3 USB+1 TYPE-C output, intelligent recognition, intelligent mobile phone compatible with the market, apple computer. AC100-240V wide voltage design, suitable for the global state voltage.

In addition, there is a German PVC raw material imported from the folding plug iPhoneX charger, double USB port design, convenient charging. The shell is made of fire resistant PC+ABS material, the temperature reached 100 degrees, the surface polishing process. Dual LED lights red and blue conversion (charge state red light, full state blue), also has 7 protection function: overvoltage / over current / over power / temperature / lightning / short circuit / electromagnetic field protection. Double USB output, intelligent recognition, compatible with the market of intelligent mobile phone, tablet.



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