Wholesale Promotion Charger Cable

Wholesale Promotion Charger Cable

Cheap for iphone cable,factory wholesale promotion fast shipping usb data and charger cable AAA quality for iphone

Product Details

Cheap for iphone cable,factory wholesale promotion fast shipping usb data and charger cable AAA quality for iphone



       1.USB cable for iphone 5/5s/5c/6/6+/7/8/X

       2.Length : 1M/2M/3M 


       4.Data Transfer and charging

       5.Support IOS 8 version

       6.Conductor:Pure Cu

       7.RoHS approved

       8.Shielding:AL foil,braid




* High accurate mold of connectors, make perfect connection.

* Suitable for Apple iPhone iPad etc.

* Used for data sync and charging usb cable.

* Durable usb cable, durablity improve and wear resisting.

* Length customized, general 1 meter to 3 meters

* Support high speed charging & Sync

* Plug and paly compatable

* Stronger durability for using

* Extra quality and length



Compatiable with:

-for iPhone 5/5S/5C/6/6+/7/7+/8/x

-for iPad air 5

-for iPad mini

-for iPad 4

-for iPod Nano7

Witness the development history of the data line

Then due to the speed requirements of each generation of USB, different interfaces are derived. For example, the most common one is the following plug-in computer, called USB Type-A.

It's easy to remember that the biggest one is, and u disk is the same, use it to interpenetrate with the computer. It is drawn like this. There are four metal contacts inside.

The second most common is to insert a variety of Android phones - Micro USB Type-B

Small, but there are five metal contacts inside.

The third most common is that currently plugged into Apple devices (after iPhone 5) - Lighting

The advantage of this type of head is that it is easy to plug in and out, much more comfortable than its predecessor, the 30-pin bulkhead connector.

So, Apple did it, Android did not show weakness, but also made a positive and negative plug - USB Type-B

Of course, the advantage is still to fight speed.

There are still some non-mainstream ones below. For example, 3.5 hard disk - USB Type-B

USB 3.0 for 2.5 HDDs - Micro Type-B

There is also called - Micro USB Type-A

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